Wigmore on Alcohol

Wigmore on Alcohol (WOA) is an indispensable tool for medical and legal practitioners looking for up-to-date scientific evidence related to blood alcohol. Wigmore has developed the definitive sourcebook on courtroom alcohol toxicology for the medicolegal professional. This book is an exhaustive survey of the scientific literature dealing with blood alcohol and abstracts over 700 articles from the periodical literature around the world. Wigmore on Alcohol presents the information in a clear and systematic format which is easily accessible by both experts and lay persons.

With more than 30 years of experience as a forensic toxicologist specializing in the pharmacology of alcohol, Jim has almost obsessively collected, reviewed, summarized, and organized more than 9,000 articles related to alcohol toxicology. From this database, he has selected the 700-plus studies included in Wigmore on Alcohol and that cover a wide range of topics regularly at the centre of issues in litigation. The criteria used for the selection of these articles are the relevance of the studies to the issue and their reflection of the scientific consensus on the issue. For each included study, Wigmore has provided his own concise summary of its significance, written in a style that is appropriate for not only the forensic toxicologist but others concerned with the medicolegal issues. As much as possible, Wigmore on Alcohol avoids unnecessary scientific jargon making it relevant to a wide audience from toxicologist to civil attorney.

Wigmore on Alcohol will fast become the go to sourcebook for court-going professionals.