James G. Wigmore, Forensic Toxicologist, Speaker, Author

My Specialization- Alcohol and THC

As a forensic toxicologist, I specialize in the two most common drugs detected in medicolegal cases, namely, alcohol (ethanol) and the active drug of marijuana – tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Upon request, I can prepare a forensic toxicology report which can (given certain information):
  • Calculate the blood alcohol concentration of the person at a particular time, e.g. driving, or the assault
  • Estimate how much the person had to drink and whether this can indicate overserving at a bar or restaurant
  • The degree of impairment of driving ability
  • How THC combines with ethanol to increase impairment of driving ability.

Most of my cases are civil or personal injury cases in Canada.

Alcohol and THC blood level

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