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Courtroom Alcohol/ Cannabis/ Nicotine Toxicology
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Courtroom Alcohol/ Cannabis/ Nicotine Toxicology for the Medicolegal Professional

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No legal or scientific library is complete without these definitive source books on alcohol and cannabis toxicology. Yale University, University of Toronto, and The Supreme Court of Canada libraries all have their copies.
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Wigmore on Cannabis

Wigmore on Cannabis is the timely publication of renowned author James G. Wigmore. As Cannabis is poised for legalization in Canada, it is imperative that specialists as well as consumers have a resource that separates fact from fiction. Wigmore on Cannabis will be that resource and follows in the footsteps of Wigmore on Alcohol.


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I will help you get focused on the right strategy, locate hard-to-find studies and clear the fog about often misunderstood aspects of forensic alcohol.

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About James Wigmore

I obtained my honors BSc from the University of Toronto in 1980 and I am a designated analyst under section 254(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada.

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As a medicolegal professional, its important to stay abreast of new studies and the latest findings regarding forensic alcohol toxicology.

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