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James Wigmore is one of only eight Canadian Society of Forensic Science Derome Award recipients worldwide. This prestigious award was presented to James for his outstanding contributions to the field of Forensic Science. James is a career Forensic Toxicologist and remains an active contributor to the field of Forensic Alcohol Toxicology and Forensic Cannabis Toxicology, reviewing over 300 new studies every year, adding to his extensive database of over 11,000 studies.

His Case Review service is specially designed for, and is an invaluable resource for court-going professionals in need of support.

James Wigmore

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Don’t waste another waking moment. In just two hours, I will help you get focused on the right strategy, locate hard-to-find studies and clear the fog about often misunderstood aspects of Forensic Alcohol and Forensic Cannabis Toxicology.

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  • Pinched for time and in need of specific scientific studies to aid your case

  • Struggling with some aspect of Forensic Alcohol and Forensic Cannabis Toxicology

  • Interested in learning about the forensic merit of a specific approach

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